Is cashmere worth the money?

It is a well known fact that one of the priciest materials for sweaters and other sorts of winter clothing is cashmere. Its price is often associated with the wealthy, leading to a very controversial public opinion about it. What we’re going to try and figure out below is an answer to this relatively simple question – is cashmere worth the money?

In order to answer the question, it’s necessary to clarify what cashmere is. The most common (and not entirely true) oversimplification is that cashmere is goat hair. Other than the fact that the material is indeed harvested from goats, there is little truth to that statement. The fibers for making cashmere fabric do come from the Pashmina goats, native to the Kashmir region in India, but not every piece of hair actually becomes part of the fabric.

Cashmere is produced only by the thin “undergarment” of the goats, the stuff that goes below their coarser hair. To qualify as cashmere material, the hairs have to be below 30 microns in diameter, resulting in a finer material that keeps warm, but is also very lightweight.

So what makes cashmere so special?

– It is soft to the touch

– It is warm, despite being more lightweight than, let’s say, merino wool.

– It is considered more stylish by some

– The properties of the fabric depend on the humidity of the air, meaning it’s suitable for lots of different climates, even warmer ones.

There is only one problem with cashmere, and we write about that is our previous article. That’s the price, which can sometimes be tenfold that of merino wool. But considering that in order to procure cashmere wool, the goats are not sheared but combed carefully, and only a small amount of material can be procured from a single goat, the price is accurately set.

Moreover, for the amazing qualities it has over regular wool, this price is definitely worth it. In the world of fashion, sometimes it is common to pay more for things that are popular, despite not being more functional and practical. That is certainly not the case with cashmere, since it has several important qualities that regular wool just simply doesn’t.

So in conclusion, the best answer we could give to someone asking “Is cashmere worth it?” is definitely “Yes”. Sure, you’ll be paying a lot more, but you’ll get value for your money – a softer, warmer and more delicate material several times better than regular sheep wool. If you have the money for it, be sure to try cashmere this winter.

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