Steaming your cashmere

Have you recently purchased new cashmere garments to find out they are ‘dry clean only’? Many question whether steaming your luxury fabric works or whether it will ruin the wool.

Steaming your clothes is becoming an increasingly popular way of getting rid of the wrinkles, which funnily enough is 5 minutes quicker than ironing. Being able to remove creases out of your clothes straight from the hanger, means you can spend less on those dry cleaning bills.

Can you steam your cashmere clothes?

Yes, your clothes steamer won’t burn, scotch or leave any shiny marks, regardless of the fabric. Whether you steam silk, cotton or even cashmere, there are many results to prove a perfect outcome.

Here at Cashmere, we have never seen colors bleeding or dye running because of the luxury fibres being subjected to steaming.

Will the wrinkles on your cashmere clothes go away?

When steaming your wool, the wrinkles will disappear and any odors will be eliminated as the steam will kill the odor-causing bacteria.

It’s time to brave the steam!

We love to steam our cashmere clothes, so why not give it a go today?

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