Why does cashmere cost more than merino wool?

Why does cashmere cost more than merino wool?

Premium quality wool is all you need to keep you warm during the winter months. Living a luxurious lifestyle isn’t cheap, but it is definitely worth the price tag. At Cashmere, we are here to explain exactly why cashmere costs more than merino wool!

Cashmere lives up to its reputation of luxury, with it’s natural softness providing extra comfort and warmth.

The history

For high quality wool, it is no secret that cashmere is given more preference in comparison to merino wool. History is an important factor to this, as cashmere is obtained from Kashmir goat, a predominant animal that is mostly found in Northern India. As the extraction process takes a long time, this makes the wool even more valuable and ensures you get the best quality and warmth.

Maximum body warmth

Maximum body warmth is just one of the many qualities which comes with this premium wool model. The thick density of such intricate fur growth is one factor to the increased price of cashmere in comparison to merino.

How is merino wool different to cashmere?

Are you wondering what the difference between cashmere and merino wool is? Well, merino wool is only sourced from merino sheep located in Australia and New Zealand. Merino is often well known for its perfect elasticity obtained in the natural wool and is a long lasting fibre. 

Although there are benefits to the merino wool and it is lower in price, avoidance of itchy feel and protection from UV rays, the demand for cashmere is still higher due to its quality and luxurious feel. The maximum warmth which is guaranteed by the wool, puts products such as sweaters and pullovers in high demand not just for the quality but the looks and warmth.

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