How to remove ink from cashmere?

With cashmere being a fine wool which comes from high quality goats in central and south Asia, the luxury material is very delicate. If you accidentally spill ink onto your cashmere clothing then there are a few important steps that you need to take.

Preparing for the task.

In order to remove the ink you will need to gather hair shampoo, a towel, absorbent cloth and stain remover.

Step one.

Lay your cashmere on a clean and dry surface. Rinse your cloth under cold water and add stain remover. Gently dab this cloth onto your textile, directly where the ink stains are.

Step two

Place the cashmere clothing into your sink and proceed to press a mild shampoo into the luxury fibre. It is important you do NOT twist or rub the item as this may cause damage.

Step three

Drain your sink of the shampoo and refill with fresh clean water. Changing to new water is an important step as it will remove some of the excess shampoo from the garment. Rinse your product in the clean water and ONLY press the product gently to remove shampoo.

Step four

The drying process is vital when cleaning your wool. The product needs to be pressed gently to remove excess liquid. DO NOT hang your cashmere material while drying, instead you should lay it onto a dry towel and leave to dry naturally which usually takes up to 24 hours.

If you have sadly gotten ink on your beloved cashmere, then we advise you follow these steps and bring the life back into your garment.

Always remember that Cashmere products are very sensitive and can be damaged if not cleaned properly. Remember to never wash in a home washing machine.

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