The myths of not cleaning your cashmere!

Will avoiding cleaning your cashmere garments prolong their life? We’ve been looking into the myths of this luxurious fabric to find out the best choices for you when it comes to washing your cashmere.

We wouldn’t rule out cleaning your cashmere straight away. If your garments don’t get washed, then you could face the risk of attracting moths, which will sadly leave large holes in your luxurious cashmere items.

Hygiene is another reason not to believe the myths. By not washing your luxury fibre, they will absorb sweat, resulting in an unpleasant smell. Wearing cashmere will make you feel luxurious…however, if your high quality items have an unpleasant smell, it can be uncomfortable for you and those around you. If you wash your garments to keep them smelling fresh, ensure you’re delicate, as if not done carefully, it can result in you reducing the life of your cashmere.

If you want to wash your garments but are worried, the best advice we can give you is that hand washing is the best option when washing cashmere. This is because using a machine can sometimes reduce the durability of cashmere clothes, so to be on the safe side, always wash by hand.

Wearing cashmere garments without washing them can also lead to your clothes shrinking due to accumulated dirt. This means that when you do wash them, you will have to use very strong acidic detergents to increase the elasticity. This increased elasticity will potentially reduce the life span of your cashmere garments, but this is better than over washing them.

Anything you own will wear over time, the same applies to cashmere. However, deciding not to wash your luscious cashmere will not prolong the life of the garments, so we wouldn’t advise listening to all of the myths you hear.

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