How to spot quality

We all know how expensive cashmere can be. Popular pieces of clothing such scarves and sweaters but also shawls, hats and gloves can vary in price depending on the quality.

Some may use the price tag in order to determine the quality of cashmere, but there are many other factors which can tell you low and high quality.

So how do we determine the quality ?

Cashmere Quality Grades.

There are three quality grades, A, B and C. Quality grade C is the lowest quality, it has the thickest fibers, it’s also much cheaper than grade B and A. Quality grade C are the highest quality, this cashmere has the longest and thinnest fibers, guaranteeing a long lifespan of the product.

Cashmere quality grades can be found on the label of the product, but  this isn’t always the case. If the product label does not state the quality grade and you don’t trust the price, you can always determine the quality of cashmere by simply using your fingers. The softer the fabric the more likely it is that the quality of it is higher, as well as the softness the stretch capability of the material can tell you of its quality; cashmere is a very durable material. If you gently stretch it and it doesn’t go back its original shape it is most likely not a very high quality cashmere.


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