Layer up

Do you enjoy a double denim look? Why not try a double cashmere? With Winter getting closer, it is important to keep warm, and there is no better way than layering up! Here are some of our tips for layering up this Winter.


Keep comfortable

When layering up, it is important to start with the thinnest layer and build up from there. This way the outfit will feel comfortable. Having too much clothing on may make you feel a little suffocated, so avoid putting too much on.


Colour match

When choosing your outfit, try to stick to one colour pallet, this way if at any point of the day  you decide to take one piece of clothing off, the rest will still match. Remember that neutral tones such as nudes, whites, greys and blacks go with any colour pallet, so don’t be afraid to play around to find your look.


Every season for one season

The beauty of layering is that you can wear your Summer pieces on the cold days, so bring your beautiful sunny prints out and layer them up with a cosy cashmere cardigan or jumper. Not only will this brighten up your look on the dull rainy days but it will also keep you warm.


Top off your layering with accessories

Layering can have a beautiful end effect with the right accessories. Nobody said you can’t leyer up accessories too! So grab your cashmere scarf and top off your look. Whether your accessories are jewellery, gloves, handbags, or hats, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Have fun with it!


Here at we have plenty to choose from, go and find your cashmere garments today and layer up!

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