Cosy up your home

We all love a cosy home, especially this time of year when the weather outside is cold, rainy and grey. There is nothing better than coming home, putting on some comfortable loungewear, and burying yourself in layers of soft and cosy blankets. With a hot drink and your favourite movie, you’re living your best cosy life. Here at Cashmere, we have the products and tips to make your home that extra snug this season.



It’s all about the accessories you have. Soft cashmere blankets, cushions and throws. Once you have all the essentials, don’t forget about the extras to get into the right mood. Pick your favourite scented candle, dim your lighting and play you favourite movie!



When trying to make your home look and feel cosy, layering is essential. The more layers, the better! So gather all your blankets and throws and layer them over each other to create a cosy feel. Try to make your layers match in colour, this way the layering will look tidy and stylish.



Be extra this season! Add more accessories and more layers to your cosy home. Things like candle and lush hot water bottles will make the space look and feel more cosy. Not to mention the hot water bottles keeping you extra toasty with the cold weather outside and the candles giving you the festive feel and scent.


Here at we have all the  cashmere essentials to make your home cosy and warm. With choice of colour and style you are sure to find something you love!

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