Why Cashmere is so Luxuriously Soft

Cashmere, a product popular amongst those who appreciate the more luxurious things in life and is one of the most exclusive wools you could own. So, what exactly makes cashmere so soft and luxurious?

This deluxe textile is sourced from the mountains of Northern China to Mongolia, which comes from the undercoats of Kashmir goats. It is a costly product but worth every penny with such a labour intensive process to produce the extraordinary fibres.

With a long production process, every single fibre is checked to the highest standard in order to keep its reputation. Feeling the lush, smooth wool glide along your skin when putting on one of our exclusive cashmere sweaters is unbeatable. Per one sweater, it can take up to 2-3 goats to ensure the quality and smoothness is at the correct level of luxury.

The softness of your cashmere sweater all comes down to the process, spinning and weaving of the wool, which can all have an effect on the final look and feel.

If you love the feel of luxurious cashmere garments, then shop our Cashmere range to discover our range of sweaters, scarves and more to keep you warm and cosy!

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