Cashmere vs Cotton

When investing in quality wool, it is important to experience maximum warmth and comfort. Cashmere is a luxury fibre with long lasting benefits and cotton is effective in maintaining premium standards…but why does cashmere make you feel that bit more luxurious in comparison to cotton?

If you want luxury and high quality sourced material then cashmere is for you, the Kashmir goat produces the softest hairs, in return creating the luxury fibre which is much warmer than cotton and will also have a longer life. Cashmere is a great material for insulation, helping contain your body heat while also being a lot lighter than cotton and much more breathable.

Cotton can often be itchy and tend to have a dry feel. Whereas, when opting for cashmere, the fibres are very small, creating a fine textured textile with a high density, for a smooth and soft feel.

When cared for properly, cashmere can last a very long time due to the wool being very durable. The luxurious fibres retain their shape and stay wearable for much longer than cotton. When following the steps to wash cashmere correctly, you will find the wool will have a longer life than cotton fibres.

If you are looking for high quality luxurious wool, then go for cashmere to feel the soft fibres brush against your skin and keep you warm on those colder days. The cost may be more than cotton, but for a garment with such exclusive fibres, it is most definitely worth it!

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