The history of cashmere

Cashmere is a material made for those who understand the importance of quality clothing.  When cared for correctly, cashmere will last a long time, reflecting quality and luxury upon its owner. Whether you style your outfit with a lavish Cashmere scarf or wrap up in a Cashmere cardigan, you will be sure to catch people’s attention.

In the world of fashion, cashmere is recognised as an exclusive and sensuous material which fundamentally is not available to everybody, everywhere. However, at Cashmere we like to ensure this lavish fabric is easily accessible to all of our customers, providing you with top quality fashion pieces.

The name cashmere originated from the Kashmir area of India and is recognised as the most luxurious fibre in the world. Being completely natural, the fabric comes from the lush wool of a cashmere goat. As the wool is only obtainable from this specific breed of goat,  there can often be a limited supply and only be  acquired when they are shorn.

The garments made of luxurious cashmere are often highly priced, however, once you have owned one of our Cashmere cardigans you will feel very much rewarded with your purchase. Investing in this durable and quality material that never goes out of fashion, symbolises you spend your money wisely on valuable pieces that last a lifetime.

Feel like royalty when wearing our Cashmere cardigans and have all of your friends following your trend.


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