Lightweight style

Wearing Cashmere in the summer may seem crazy but this luxurious, soft fabric is perfect for every season of the year.

Cashmere cardigans and pullovers made of the light summer yarn are perfect for warm summer days. Not only do they look great on, but the lightweight fabric keeps you cool when you want it most. With the big choice of cashmere pieces, our summer outfits couldn’t look any better, with bright colours and beautiful designs, cashmere is the look for everyone all year round.


How to style it

It may seem difficult to try and style cashmere in the summer but don’t worry, it’s easier than it seems.

Keep to bright colours as darks attract the sunlight and if you want to keep cool you may want to leave the blacks in the closet. Grab a nice light coloured cashmere jumper, or cardigan of your choice, pastel colours are perfect for this look. Pair it up with white trousers or jeans and your favourite sandals or dolly shoes and you’re ready to go! This look is guaranteed to keep you pretty and cool.

Want a more summery look? Grab a cashmere dress, not only are they comfortable but also present themselves beautifully on all body shapes. With hundreds of colours to choose from, no doubt you will find one which you’ll fall in love with.

Here a  we have something for everyone. Check out our latest collection of cashmere jumpers which will be perfect for the warm summer days.

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