Styling a cashmere scarf

With the weather getting colder, you might want to start getting your scarves and gloves out the closet. We have a few tips on how to style your cashmere scarf.

For a quick, warm and cosy look, grab a wide cashmere scarf, grey and nude colours are perfect for any look but the colour choice is yours. Simply open up the scarf and place it on the back of your neck, making sure it is central, providing you with two even ends on either side. Grabbing the left end, simply throw it over your shoulder. This styling works for any outfit, leaving you looking pretty and feeling cosy.









Double cashmere? Why not? For the very windy, wintry weather, there’s nothing better to keep you warm like a cashmere coat. To keep you extra warm and comfortable, pair your coat with a cashmere scarf. Fold the scarf in half, place it on the back of your neck. Opening one side of the scarf forming a loop, drag the other end through, making your scarf stylish and secure.


Jumper, jeans, winter boots, scarf and a cashmere hat is an essential look for any cold day. Taking your cashmere scarf, place it on the back of your neck with one side being much longer than the other. Taking the longer end, wrap it around your neck once, making both ends even. Pair it with a cute Cashmere bobble hat and you’re ready to go!


Here at we have a wide variety of scarves and other cashmere accessories.  Have fun with your looks and go for something which you feel comfortable in. Stay warm.

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