High Quality Cashmere vs Low Quality Cashmere

by cashmere

What are some of the differences between high quality cashmere and low quality cashmere?

Clothes and garments made from cashmere offers the world with the finest quality. The cashmere originates from sheep breed in extreme cold conditions. They usually have a lot of coat and the one used in the undercoat. Most of the cashmere used in the world is gotten from Mongolia and the outer parts of China. High quality Cashmere is fashionable, luxurious and durable. It is able to offer great insulation against extreme cold weather. The beauty of this quality fibre is the fact that it gets finer with age unlike other fibres. Just like any other product, one is likely to buy poor quality or the best quality also referred to as the finest.


Characteristics of both poor and high quality Cashmere

Quality Cashmere is characterized by its whiteness, fineness and long length of the fibre. Garments made from quality cashmere, last for long because of the fact that they do not easily pill. They have the ability to maintain their shape and they do not crease. Poor quality cashmere is short and course and the garments made from poor quality pill easily. One will realize that because of the demand in the market. Most manufactures are forced to mix the fibres with either rabbit hair or other kinds of hair so as to meet the demands of the market. Poor quality cashmere can also be obtained as a result of poor trimming of the hair on cashmere sheep.

How to tell poor and high quality cashmere garments

It is important to note that a customer cannot easily tell the difference between poor and quality cashmere garment. Since cashmere garments can easily restore their initial shape, it is important to ensure that one checks on its elasticity. One can also hold it against the light and they should be able to see much of the light. A garment that looks too fluffy on the surface is made from short cashmere fibre which is of poor quality. It is important to ensure that a company specifies where they get their cashmere from and give out its specific details of the fibre in terms of length and thinness. There are numerous designers in the market today using cashmere fibre to create garments. It is important to ensure that one understands the quality of cashmere in order for them to settle for the best quality. When purchasing a garment, one will notice that its feel might be tough. This does not mean that it was made from poor quality cashmere fibre because the fibre gets softer with time. High quality cashmere fibre costs more than the poor quality fibre.