Tips in Storing Cashmere

by cashmere

Varmints are the number one culprit in destroying your cashmere sweaters. If you are not keen about organizing your clothes, the possibility of mould infestation can ruin their appearance. How should I store my cashmere clothes is a question that is easy to answer. Cashmere is a by product of goats and its name is derived from the word Kashmir, a place that lies in the Himalayan Mountains. Cashmere is one of the world’s finest and luxuriant clothing materials that are ideal in making sweatshirts and winter clothes because they are soft, light and durable. They are perfect insulation that protects the body from cold weather.
A 100% cashmere clothes, those that we provide on are sought-after during the holiday season as they are an ideal gift for your loved ones. This means that the cashmere item is a bit pricey especially if they are made of branded materials because they are made of high and enduring quality.


Store Cashmere Clothes in Dry, Well-lighted and Ventilated Area
Varmints and moulds like to thrive in humid, moist and warm areas that you seldom visit such as the basement, attic or an abandoned room. If you want your cashmere items to last longer, wipe them with tissue paper that are acid free. Place them inside a plastic bag with ventilation to allow the air to circulate inside. If you don’t have plastics that have holes, you can improvise them by cutting some holes.

Cashmere Clothes Should be Cleaned First before Storing
To discourage varmints and tiny organisms infest your cashmere and wool, clean them before storing. Mildews, moulds and bacteria love to stay in dark, hot and dirty environment. Soiled and foul cashmere can invite the varmints to stay close to your clothes. Washing or dry cleaning them is effective in getting rid of germs that can ruin the sweater, and it would be too late for you to realize that their cluster and colour have disappeared. Food and blood stains can initiate the activity of microbes and moth to destroy your coat’s texture.

Line Your Closet with Moth Balls or Cedar
Cedar chips, silica gel and moth balls are effective in driving away the moth, mould, and microbes. The fragrance that emanates from them becomes a deterrent for the pests. They do not only protect your clothes but they refresh them and they are always ready to use.

Sorting and Organizing Your Cashmere Clothes
Messy and cluttered closets are favourite spots for varmints, rodents and roaches. If you want to preserve your expensive cashmere, then sort and organize your clothes. Remove those items that are not needed anymore and keep only those that are usable.

Now that you know tips on how to store and organise your cashmere cloth, be sure to really use them when it needs and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.