You can steam your cashmere clothes, learn to get over your fears

by cashmere

So you went and bought a bunch of cashmere clothes, then you noticed that label which said ”Dry clean only”. Now, how do you handle such situation? Is steaming going to ruin the fabric of the cloth? If that’s you, you’re not alone, because others keep asking this question when they acquire cashmere clothes.

Well, to start with, steaming is quickly becoming a popular way of getting rid of wrinkles in clothes. They say it’s 5 minutes faster than ironing. And the best thing is that you can steam your clothes right from the hanger. No need to spend money on dry cleaning services, because you can do it on your own.


Can you steam your cashmere clothes?

The simple answer to this question is Yes. Clothes steamers don’t burn, scotch, or put awful shiny marks on clothes. They don’t ruin your clothes regardless of the fabric. Many people have actually used clothes steamers on cotton, silk, cashmere and even customized neck ties, and the results they get have always been more than perfect.

Prolonged contact between the cloth and iron is what brings about those ugly shiny marks. That’s not the case with clothes steamers. We’ve never seen colours bleeding or dye running because cashmere clothes were subjected to steaming.

What about the wrinkles on your cashmere clothes, will they go away?

Of course yes. In fact, they will disappear completely, and it will also eliminate odours. But why is that so? Because steam kills the odour-causing bacteria. That’s an unexpected benefit, right? And by the way, 90% of commercial cleaners use clothing steamers. That should boost your confidence.

Forget about that iron box, gather some confidence and start steaming your cashmere clothes. It’s fast and convenient, and that’s something you’ll notice. We’ve tried it before, and so we wouldn’t waste time writing this piece of advice when we know it’s false.

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